How you can support me and my art

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First of all – THANK YOU for supporting independent artists. You are a beautiful person and deserve a gold medal for being amazing.

I have made a resolution this year to only buy (as mush as I can) second hand or from small independent brands and creators. And one of the reasons why I want to make money from my art is to be able to buy art from other artists.

Now, over to how you can support me (if you feel like it) – with our without money!

☁︎ Commission me for a unique piece of work. It can be anything you like – a tattoo, a logo, a book, a birthday card or maybe just something nice to put on your wall. Drop me a message and we can discuss it!By choosing this option I get the biggest part of the profit, because there is no third party in the middle taking a big bite of the cookie.

☁︎ Buy something from my Society6 shop. When we moved abroad again, to a place where the postal service unfortunately is not very reliable, I decided to open a Society6 shop instead to be able to sell prints, tote bags, t-shirts mugs and other things. It’s nice because I don’t have to worry too much (more than I already worry about everything anyway) about shipping and storing things, and it’s a quite cool idea – this print on demand thing.However, I make a very small profit from this, so I hope I can start an Etsy shop later on when we are back in Europe.

☁︎ If you are an artist too – why not make an art swap? This is a beautiful idea I think and something I really want to do more of. I dream about a home with walls filled with art from people I love and admire. If you’re interested in an art swap – just send me a message.

Again – THANK YOU for supporting independent artists ♥︎