Branding commission

I got the most fun commission the other day. Desireé Cid is an analog photographer and storyteller here in Santo Domingo and she is currently developing her own brand. As brand strategy and communication is something I’m really passionate about, she asked me for some advice on how to make her message clear and strong. It was such an inspiring and fun afternoon! She also asked me to help her design the Highlight covers for her Instagram stories. I think they turned out quite well. I had som much fun making them ☔︎

Desiree Highlights

If you are a small brand looking for help and support, either with design or strategy (or both), I’d be more than happy to help you ♥︎ Just send me an email and let’s talk about it.



Almost a week into #the100dayproject. Last year, I followed from afar but this year I felt ready to join in. There is something with challenges that I really like. I pride myself to be a very disciplined person, and love to have a project. Something concrete to work towards.  Not all challenges attract my attention, but what I like about The 100 Day Project (an initiative by Lindsay Jean Thomson) is that you are free to make whatever you want, big or small, as long as it’s one thing for 100 days.

I chose to make it small and manageable – my project is to write a short poem a day and to experiment with presentation and handwriting. If you have been following me for a while, you’ll recognise the format from NaNoWriMo last year and how that resulted in a zine.

This feels like a very vulnerable project. I find writing more revealing and raw, so please be kind with me. This will be a good exercise for me to not shy away from feelings and motifs. I have decided to allow myself to let me inner teenager out, and let her be as dramatic, naïve and romantic as she wants to.

These are my posts from the last 6 days. Follow me on Instagram to join me on my writing journey, and of course tell me of you are participating in the challenge too!

How you can support me and my art

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First of all – THANK YOU for supporting independent artists. You are a beautiful person and deserve a gold medal for being amazing.

I have made a resolution this year to only buy (as mush as I can) second hand or from small independent brands and creators. And one of the reasons why I want to make money from my art is to be able to buy art from other artists.

Now, over to how you can support me (if you feel like it) – with our without money!

☁︎ Commission me for a unique piece of work. It can be anything you like – a tattoo, a logo, a book, a birthday card or maybe just something nice to put on your wall. Drop me a message and we can discuss it!By choosing this option I get the biggest part of the profit, because there is no third party in the middle taking a big bite of the cookie.

☁︎ Buy something from my Society6 shop. When we moved abroad again, to a place where the postal service unfortunately is not very reliable, I decided to open a Society6 shop instead to be able to sell prints, tote bags, t-shirts mugs and other things. It’s nice because I don’t have to worry too much (more than I already worry about everything anyway) about shipping and storing things, and it’s a quite cool idea – this print on demand thing.However, I make a very small profit from this, so I hope I can start an Etsy shop later on when we are back in Europe.

☁︎ If you are an artist too – why not make an art swap? This is a beautiful idea I think and something I really want to do more of. I dream about a home with walls filled with art from people I love and admire. If you’re interested in an art swap – just send me a message.

Again – THANK YOU for supporting independent artists ♥︎

New Freebie – wallpapers for your desktop and phone

I grow tired very quickly of using the same wallpaper on my devices. So what I usually do is that I make och download a few that I set to rotate automatically within regular intervalls.

The current batch of wallpapers I use is a series that I made made myself, and I thought you might enjoy the kind words and pale colours too.

There is one set for your phone and one for your desktop. Just click here to download them. And let me know what you think ♥︎

Alla Hjärtans Dag-kort


En vecka till Alla Hjärtans Dag. Jag tror jag kan vara lite utav en Grinch när det kommer till högtider och helger. Eller snarare, jag bryr mig inte så mycket och vill helst att allt ska vara samma varje dag (dvs tryggt och förutsägbart). Och så har jag självklart har jag alltid varit aktivt emot Alla Hjärtans Dag pga så himla unik och hatar fluff-fluff och krims-krams. Jättemysigt personlighetsdrag! Men i år har jag bestämt mig för att göra något annorlunda, testa något nytt och se vad som händer. Så jag har gjort dessa vykortstora, utskriftsvänliga kort som du kan ladda ner gratis HÄR.

Du kan ge dem till vem som helst som betyder mycket för dig – en syster, fosterpappa, partner, far-eller-morförälder, granne. Vore jättekul att få höra vem du vill ge kort till 🙂

One week to Valentine’s Day. I think I can be a bit of a Grinch when it comes to big celebrations and holidays. Or rather, I don’t really care that much and prefer everyday to be the same (i.e safe and predictable). And because I’m so unique and special I’ve had a thing against Valentines too. I hate the fluff-fluff about it. A very lovely trait! But this year I thought I’d change things up a bit, to see what happens. So, I made these post-card sized, printable cards that you can download for free HERE.

You can give them to anyone who means a lot to you – a sister, foster dad, partner, grandparent, neighbour. I’d love to hear who you want to give a card to 🙂