I made a movie about Christin’s visit

As you all know, Christin came to visit me here in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. And of course I had to make a short film about it. We spent the first week in the capital Santo Domingo because of work and school. The second week we rented a car and drove to the north coast. It was really nice for Aurélien and me as well because we got an opportunity to explore new places of the island!

a new way of journaling

We are moving apartments. And it’s not just that. Everything feels a bit up in the air right now and it’s freaking me out. But I have a strong feeling in my gut telling me to sit tight, to not make any big decisions. This is a storm I have to wait out. And this is difficult for someone like me. I am a doer. I work through things. I don’t wait around. But there is possible a lesson here about grace. So I’m bowing my head down and get on with things, trusting.

This morning I sat down with my coffee to journal as I always do to start my day. Then I realised I had left my notebook at the new apartment. I was frustrated for one second and then decided to stop, as it would not help. Instead, I grabbed scrap paper and started jotting down whatever came up. When I collected the pieces, an emotional journey emerged.

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a list

object-19-04I found this thought provoking list on Caroline’s blog and wanted to give it a go myself. 

Confidence is: knowing that I am allowed to
exist as myself in this world.
Identity is: chosen and changeable
I am from: a place by the sea
The thing I love most about myself is: my empathy and patience
The thing I love most in others is: active listening skills
I need: a lot of alone time
I relax by: taking my time and be mindful in daily actions
I’m inspired by: japanese culture ♥︎
I can’t live without: silent, slow paced days close to nature
Influence is: not good or bad per se, but it’s always important to know who one is influenced by and why.
I’m currently listening to: Humbert Humbert, when I’m not listening to podcasts
I’m watching: the new season of RuPauls Dragrace!
I’m excited by: small everyday things
I trust: my intuition
I’m impressed by: too much, it’s something I have to work on
I feel complete when: I am mindful
I aspire to: live by my own conditions
I believe in: my ability to adapt to whatever comes my way
I’m working on: creating a life that empowers me
I practice self love by: making sure I sleep enough, drink water, exercise and eat my fibers


During Christin’s visit, I shared a whole bunch of photos and short videos on my instagram stories. An edited video will come later, but for now I just wanted to share a few snapshots from our trip.


We stayed two nights in the mountains, in the forest. I got feeling and decided to take some selfies inspired by one of my oldest IG friends Dora. She’s an expert in plant selfies!


Christin brought some birthdays presents from my family in Sweden. This one was gifted by my aunt, cousin and grandma. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction #dachshundlover



Dreamy colours everywhere and all the time. This was a sunset in Cabarete.


This is probably the best airbnb experience I’ve ever had. The silence, the beautiful, lush surroundings. The cool fresh air. We will return here, that’s for sure.

1SE – February

Så mycket hände i februari. I början av månaden samlar jag på vackert ljus, dricker vätskeersättning och knogar på. Springer på jobbintervjuer, pluggar och ser till att mysa till det om fredagarna. Aurélien och jag drömmer om framtiden och skickar ett mycket viktigt mail. Om några månader hoppas jag kunna skriva mer om detta. Till slut kommer min fina Christin på besök! Vi spenderar en vecka i Santo Domingo, firar min födelsedag med GT och äter svensk choklad. Sedan bär det av på äventyr. I en vecka reser vi utmed nordkusten. Vi går på stränder, letar efter sjökor, surfar och vilar i solstolar. Det var februari.

February was busy and eventful. I went on job interviews and kept busy until my friend Christin came visiting from Sweden. She brought chocolate, books and happiness. We spend a week in santo Domingo before traveling north. We walked on beaches, looked for manatees, went surfing and rested in sun chairs.