Gratitude List no.2


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I have recently started a practice to write down three things every day that I’m grateful for. This is the list from last week.

✴︎ I received a very honouring and important job offer in London. Even though I was not able to accept it, it felt very good to be considered.

✴︎ Seeing how mindful planning and a methodical approach to work gives result.

✴︎ Getting a positive response from my old work coordinator in Sweden. It seems like I will be able to work a bit when I go there in May and June.

✴︎ Having an art date with a friend – listening to music, drinking coffee, drawing and talking ♥︎

✴︎ Creative Pep Talk Podcast is my favourite thing to listen to at the moment. Andy is an absolute star. He makes me feel seen and his words inspire me so much.

✴︎ Taking a long nap when my body needed it.

✴︎ Getting shelves to our bedroom closet. Small things that makes a home more homey.

✴︎ Creative flow in the afternoon.

✴︎ They have veggie hotdogs at IKEA, so Aurélien and I went for a date there ♥︎

✴︎ Starting a new creative project

✴︎ Clean hair. I only wash my hair about once a week, so it’s a bit of a treat.

✴︎ Making good coffee. When you get it just right.

✴︎ Feeling competent solving technical issues.

✴︎ Faerie lights around the bed

✴︎ Blue water colours. Half of my container consist of different shades of blue.

✴︎ Spending a whole day with friends.

✴︎ Talking about things I’m passionate about with people who are the same.

✴︎ My new beige linen trousers. A gift from Marlene.

✴︎ Laughing listening to Morgonpasset and PP3 – Swedish public service radio shows.



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