Week 15 – preparations and tying knots

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I really liked this weekly spread, so I decided to continue with it. I also enjoyed coming back to handwritten daily to-do-lists. It feels more tangible and real.


This coming week will be busy, as it’s my last week in the Dominican Republic before our trip to the US and then going back to Europe for the summer. There are many things to finalise here, projects and commissions, as well as things to prepare. I still want to keep posting illustrations and poems every day on Instagram, even while traveling. This means I have to use my time this week effectively to draw, scan, edit and organise as much as possible. There are also a few things to book and look into before the trip.

I feel a little bit stressed, as I always do. But I know if I work methodically, focused and avoid trying to multi-task, I know I will be able to do everything on time.

I wish you all a good start of your week!


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