Polaroids from the past week

As I mentioned a short while ago, I am rediscovering the immediate and somewhat raw creative style of my younger self. And it’s so liberating. I share on paper what I am feeling in the moment, a snapshot of my heart. It’s vulnerable of course. But, therefore, it also makes me feel brave. And happy, that I can share my heart and thoughts with you so honestly.

I have always been fond of analog photography, and especially point-and-shoot cameras. To take pictures of the quiet moments, of the sky in the morning and places that make me feel safe.

Here are a few from the past week


Early morning skies. The first cup of coffee.
This is my best time of the day. Silence is
precious here in the otherwise so busy city.


Sunrise. My tidy desk, ready for a new day’s work.


Finally, hopeful clouds and a sneaky selfie
because I had just washed my hair and that deserved to be
celebrated (I hate washing my hair)


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