Gratitude List

Two weeks ago I started to jot down a fews things in my Bullet Journal every day that I was grateful for, from the day or in general. Wherever you look for information about mental health and how to improve it, gratitude always comes up as one of the main tools for feeling better.

I thought I wanted to share what I have been feeling grateful for during these past two weeks.


☼ Our new home, a new start

☼ Re-connecting with friends as often as I can through emails, WhatsApp and Instagram

☼ Putting on music and instantly feeling better

☼ A cool breeze on my face

☼ Taking a nap after lunch

☼ Managing situations I didn’t think I would be able to

☼ Getting a fridge to the kitchen (after a week of using a cool box and buying ice from the colmado two times a day!)

☼ The Swedish language, how it makes me feel safe

☼ Yoga, and how I know how to use it

☼ The colmado (corner shop) on our street playing Avicii

☼ Getting an internet connection

☼ Being honest and vulnerable in my relationship

☼ Finding new creative inspiration

☼ A Skype interview that went well

☼ Enjoying a lunch with my french class, even though I was a bit nervous at first

☼ Tea lights in the morning, with my coffee before the sun rises

☼ Giving time to art and creativity, finding my voice

☼ Thick mango smoothies

☼ A clean house

☼ Sitting next to Aurélien again (after he came back from a work trip to Haiti)

☼ Talking to my family on Skype

☼ Allowing myself to rest when I needed to

☼ Cutting up a watermelon, and eating it while I do

☼ Going for fika with a friend who I can speak honestly with

☼ Chemex coffee on a Saturday

☼ Holding a workshop about instagram for high school students – so much fun!

☼ The fridge full of cleaned organic veggies

☼ Ice cream next to the sea with Aurélien

☼ Kind and supportive words when I really needed it

☼ A small dragonfly sitting down on one of my paint brushes






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