1SE – March

March begins on the north coast, on a whale safari in Samana. I say good bye to Christin who travels on to Mexico. March is not very kind, so I try to collect beautiful everyday moments to cheer myself up. I go to my french classes and Aurélien and I begin the move to our new apartment. We try to spend as much quality time together as possible. No big adventures, and that is perfect right now. We clean out our old room and work hard to make the new apartment ours. Natasha, that beautiful soul, brings me flowers to celebrate.

I get ill and sleep for two days. We loose power the one night I am on my own (while Aurélien is in Haiti for work). I am so very scared of the dark, but I light many tea candles and the powers comes back after an hour or so. I manage to film our house lizard Nils-August (with french pronunciation of course), I hold a workshop at the French School about using instagram as a business and I fill up the fridge with organic veggies. The last day of the month I feel sad, so Aurélien takes me for an ice cream. This is where I take a deep breath and decide that March is finished and I’m ready to move on.



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