Developing my BuJo layout plus the coming week

March has been a bit of a heavy month. But in a way that I understand. I had to move through a lot of emotions and accept that I have patterns in my behaviour that are just not serving me. That it’s time to let go. It has been a month of growth pains and I understand more than ever the importance taking ownership of a situation.

So I’m sort of sitting in the rubble of it all, in the ashes of everything that has had to be burnt. Mercury is out of retrograde and here I am; sooty and with bruises, but I can feel new life growing underneath me, deep in the soil.


That was March. Now, April is here and it’s almost like I can hear her say Now it’s up to you to tie up your hair and deal with shit. I feel ready.

This month is divided into two parts. I have about two weeks to myself, during which my plan is to do a small project with a combination of illustration and french. I will of course keep you updated on this!

The second part of the month, Aurélien and I travel to the US for a west coat road trip. I can’t wait! We will visit San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and many there places. I will of course make a movie about it.

As for my BuJo, I am trying a new layout for the monthly spread. I find it clear and I like it a lot. The numbers and symbols in the margin are astrological pointers (because I’m a total star child).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I have also been experimenting with different weekly spreads lately. Right now I like this one a lot. A few daily pointers and a whole page dedicated to gratitude. This week I am also trying to write down my daily plans in my BuJo, instead of having one on my computer.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Since my french course finished last week, I have freed up a lot of time for drawing. I have created my own french curriculum to study at home, but that won’t take all morning. So now I will have time to really catch up with both ideas for illustrations, update my web shop and other platforms. I will also continue to apply for jobs and other opportunities.



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