a list

object-19-04I found this thought provoking list on Caroline’s blog and wanted to give it a go myself. 

Confidence is: knowing that I am allowed to
exist as myself in this world.
Identity is: chosen and changeable
I am from: a place by the sea
The thing I love most about myself is: my empathy and patience
The thing I love most in others is: active listening skills
I need: a lot of alone time
I relax by: taking my time and be mindful in daily actions
I’m inspired by: japanese culture ♥︎
I can’t live without: silent, slow paced days close to nature
Influence is: not good or bad per se, but it’s always important to know who one is influenced by and why.
I’m currently listening to: Humbert Humbert, when I’m not listening to podcasts
I’m watching: the new season of RuPauls Dragrace!
I’m excited by: small everyday things
I trust: my intuition
I’m impressed by: too much, it’s something I have to work on
I feel complete when: I am mindful
I aspire to: live by my own conditions
I believe in: my ability to adapt to whatever comes my way
I’m working on: creating a life that empowers me
I practice self love by: making sure I sleep enough, drink water, exercise and eat my fibers